Startup Stories

Hier berichten wir über die Gründungen der von uns betreuten Startups. Die Projekte werden vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) u.a. über EXIST gefördert. Die Metropolregion Hamburg gehört bereits heute zu den gründungsstärksten Regionen Deutschlands.


Startup Unternehmensstand


Business idea: Making returns more sustainable, customer-friendly and efficient

Industry: e-commerce

Year founded: 2023

The startup toern continuously establishes new e-commerce experiences that are equally focussed on simplicity for customers and sustainability.

Business idea: Efficient data management and quality assurance

Industry: 3D printing / additive manufacturing

Year of foundation: 2023

The startup amsight digitalises data management and quality assurance in industrial 3D printing.


Business idea: Sustainable e-commerce ecosystem

Industry: IT / E-Commerce

Year founded: 2022

The founders of the University of Hamburg develop advanced technologies for e-commerce companies

Business idea: Microlab as an economic alternative for animal experiments

Industry: Research

Year of foundation: 2020

The start-up mo:re from the Technical University of Hamburg is developing a microlab prototype that is intended to revolutionise research with human cells

Business idea: Steel darts platform

Industry: Sports

Year of foundation: 2021

The WeDart system allows automatic scorekeeping, online play, detailed game statistics and personalized training sequences in stone darts

Business idea: Sustainable palm oil alternative through fermentation

Industry: Biotech industry

Year of foundation: 2021

The scientists of the Technical University of Hamburg (TU Hamburg) are developing a CO2-neutral alternative through fermentation

Business idea: Sustainable waste prevention as a business idea

Industry: Packaging / E-commerce

Year founded: 2021

The founders want to reduce packaging

Business idea: Ultra-precise selection for highly complex experiments on synchrotrons

Industry: Experimental

Year founded: 2021

The founders of TXproducts are developing a device at DESY that will make many synchrotron experiments much faster and cheaper


Business idea: Inclusive learning app

Industry: IT/Software

Year founded: 2021

The interdisciplinary team develops digital learning materials that are equally suitable and scientifically sound for all pupils

Business idea: Climate change risk analysis

Industry: Climate research

Year of foundation: 2021

The start-up from the University of Hamburg uses findings from climate science to enable companies to identify their risks from climate change in advance

Business idea: Optimisation software for energy plants

Industry: Energy

Year founded: 2021

The start-up from the Technical University of Hamburg offers innovative, cloud-based optimisation software that can be used to continuously optimise the operation of energy plants

Business idea: Toolbox for industry

Industry: IT

Year founded: 2020

The entrepreneurs strive for more efficient production and better working conditions

Business idea: Strengthen entertaining education and create inclusive societies

Sector: Education / Online courses

Year founded: 2021

The founders develop a digital education platform around menstruation, cycle health and sexuality

Business idea: Security solution for parked trucks

Industry: Automotive

Year founded: 2021


The start-up KONVOI develops a mobile safety solution for parked trucks

Business idea: Digital heat management solution

Industry: Sustainable technology

Year founded: 2016

Heat management with self-learning thermostats and the collection of data that can optimise the operation of a building

Business idea: Radiation detector "MPY-01

Industry: Physics

Year founded: 2018

The founders develop an optimised radiation detector for use in laboratories

Business idea: Compostable plastic substitute

Industry: Packaging

Year founded: 2020

The traceless material is compostable after a few weeks and can be eaten

Business idea: Long-range drones

Industry: Drones

Year founded: 2019

The startup develops and operates long-range drones for medical transport and linear infrastructure inspections

Business idea: Redirected Walking

Industry: IT / Virtual Reality (VR)

Year founded: 2019

The founders run an independent studio for VR games, have a passion for games and VR as a medium for immersive storytelling and fun games

Business idea: 3D navigation

Industry: Automotive

Year founded: 2020

The startup hoλos develops a navigation system with augmented reality and 3D parallax effect

Business idea: Open Source Software "OpenChrom®".

Industry: Chemical analytics

Year founded: 2013

Philip Wenig's company enables automated evaluation and processing of measurement data

Business idea: PuttView helps with golf training

Industry: Golf

Year founded: 2015

The invention of the two founders Lukas Posniak and Christoph Pregizer helps with golf training and visualises the target line, ball path, alignment aid and movement recommendations for any selected putt on the green surface

Business idea: Laser-based synchronisation systems and ultrashort pulse laser systems

Industry: Ultra-short pulse laser technology

Year founded: 2015

The start-up develops laser-based synchronisation systems for large-scale research facilities and ultrashort pulse laser systems for applications in the life sciences sector


Business idea: Door system

Branch: Security or building services engineering

Year founded: 2017

The founders from the University of Hamburg have developed a door system that relies on individually generated QR codes, a compact scanner and a clear management portal instead of key