Business idea: Efficient data management and quality assurance

Industry: 3D printing / additive manufacturing

Year of foundation: 2023

The startup amsight digitalises data management and quality assurance in industrial 3D printing.


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amsight: Efficient data management and quality assurance in industrial 3D printing

The start-up amsight digitalises data management and quality assurance in industrial 3D printing and founded a GmbH in summer 2023. amsight is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IAPT in Hamburg. Startup Port supported the young company in its business development.

From left to right: Tim Wischeropp, Raoul Dittmann, Simon Schauß, Peter Lindecke (Photo: amsight)

The innovative world of additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, has experienced an enormous boom in recent years. In the midst of this technological revolution, amsight, a startup dedicated to the challenge of efficient data management, quality assurance and data analysis in this sector, was born. amsight is a startup of the renowned Fraunhofer IAPT in Hamburg, founded by a dedicated team committed to optimising additive manufacturing processes.

The founders and their vision

The founding history of amsight is closely linked to the personal and professional careers of the four co-founders. Tim Wischeropp, co-founder and CEO, brings more than a decade of experience in the additive manufacturing industry, particularly in process optimisation for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF). Peter Lindecke, co-founder and CCO, has specialised in digital quality assurance in additive manufacturing for seven years. Raoul Dittmann, co-founder and CTO, combines his many years of experience in software development with his expertise in the field of additive manufacturing. Simon Schauß, co-founder and CTO, brings seven years of experience in software development and a passion for innovation to the team.

The founders’ vision is to use data-based knowledge to make additive manufacturing just as reliable and economical as conventional manufacturing processes. This approach is based on the realisation that effective data management and analysis are key components for optimising manufacturing processes.

The challenge and solution

Tim’s many years of experience in industrial 3D printing research and development, gained since 2012 in key industries such as medical technology, aerospace and automotive, has shown him the importance of quality assurance and the challenges involved: “These industries have strict regulations and require detailed documentation to ensure complete traceability back to the source material. Nevertheless, data management in additive manufacturing is often still handled in the conventional, error-prone way, for example using Excel. This is not only inefficient, but also does not meet the usual certification standards. These realisations led to the development of the amsight software solution,” says the founder, explaining how amsight came about. The start-up develops software that automates data management and centralises all relevant data.

The software can also use the collected data to optimise production and identify potential savings. In the prevailing powder bed 3D printing processes, for example, the unused powder is recycled, although a certain amount of waste is unavoidable. amsight’s software aims to minimise this material waste and make reuse more efficient. It also contributes to the stabilisation of production processes, reduces scrap rates and thus supports the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of additive manufacturing.

The path to foundation

amsight GmbH was officially founded in August 2023. The start-up support provided by the Start-Up Port helped, among other things, with the successful application for EXIST funding, which enabled the founders to turn their vision into reality. Of course, the Start-Up Port is once again on hand to advise the founders on the follow-up financing they are seeking.

The challenges along the way were manifold, from overcoming bureaucratic hurdles to adapting the software to different data formats and infrastructures in the companies. However, thanks to the work and contacts at Fraunhofer IAPT and the support of the Startup Port, a network has been established and the first pilot customers have been acquired.
Future plans and outlook

amsight plans to further develop its offering technically, particularly in the area of data analysis using AI and machine learning. They want to expand their software solution to other 3D printing technologies. The team also plans to hire new employees and further expand its network and partnerships. Long-term financing plans include participating in funding programmes and potentially raising venture capital.


The story of amsight is a shining example of how scientific research and practical experience can lead to innovative solutions that revolutionise the industry while contributing to sustainability and efficiency. The start-up is an example of the innovation dynamics in the field of additive manufacturing. Their commitment, expertise and vision are helping to make the industry more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. The Startup Port accompanies and supports them significantly in this endeavour. The founders’ approach of utilising data as the “gold of the 21st century” could be an important step in the development of additive manufacturing.