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Get the knowledge and expertise of an entire region for your startup! At Startup Port, you get everything from a single source. No matter whether you already have a concrete start-up idea or simply feel entrepreneurial spirit in you – we accompany, coach and network you. The Startup Port bundles the support services of nine universities and research institutions from the Hamburg metropolitan region for you.

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Qualify, network, promote – our offers are aimed at students and researchers with an interest in start-ups, young start-ups, but also established companies and start-up consultancies. For us, the focus is always on the question of how start-ups can be planned and organized as purposefully and successfully as possible.

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The start-up business climate continues to cool, the investment climate is difficult and there is reluctance on the subject of venture capital. But there is also good news: After the number of startups dropped significantly in 2022, more new startups...

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) startup traceless materials secured €36.6 million in a Series A funding round this week. The investors were led by UB FIGG and SWEN CP’s Blue Ocean Fund. traceless materials thus secures funding to expand the...

Since the startup strategy was approved in the summer of 2022, the federal government has already implemented more than 40 percent of the measures. This is shown by the first progress report on the implementation of the startup strategy, which...