Our support for your entrepreneurial success

At StartupPort, we are passionate about giving founders the best possible start. Your vision is what drives us and we look forward to accompanying you on the path to your entrepreneurial success.

Dreaming of starting your own business and turning your vision into reality? We know that the path to startup can be fraught with many challenges. This is exactly why it is crucial to get the right and necessary support to successfully achieve your dream. At Startup Port, we’re here to help you make sure you have the best startup position possible.

Starting a business is a complex process that requires a variety of skills and resources. From business idea to financing to market launch, there are numerous steps that need to be carefully planned and implemented. Experienced mentors and experts can make all the difference. At Startup Port, we offer you the crucial startup support to successfully realize your vision. Expert advice and valuable insights will help you avoid potential stumbling blocks and maximize your chances of success.

Check out our programs and offerings or contact us through your institution’s startup advisors and centers to learn more about how we can support you in your startup. Together we shape your future!

Discover and take off

The Startup Port bundles the startup support activities of nine universities and research institutions in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

Our free services are aimed at students and researchers, young startups, but also established companies as well as startup consultancies.

The spectrum ranges from individual support in the start-up process by the start-up centers and consulting services of the universities, to intensive training and qualification programs, to optimal networking with all actors in the regional start-up cosmos, also across universities and outside the academic sector.

For us, the focus is always on the question of how start-ups can be planned and organized as purposefully and successfully as possible.

Qualification & Idea generation

Our targeted support to develop your entrepreneurial skills. We accompany you with consulting and coaching through the entire start-up process: planning, communicating, financing and founding.

Networking & Exchange

Benefit from our extensive network of industry experts, other founders and investors. The right contacts can open doors and create opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Co-Founder Matching

Meet&Match lets people with ideas and people with skills come together to hit the ground running as a startup team. Find your ideal founding team here!

Impact Incubators

Our incubators provide you with optimal support in the early post-founding phase, integrating your young company into a responsive startup ecosystem from which it can benefit and in which it can develop appropriately.

Female Entrepreneurship

Anyone can start a business! – that is our guiding principle in the “Startup-Port” network On this page you will therefore find offers that are explicitly aimed at women.

Expertise & Ressources

Our online tools and platforms point the way to useful knowledge and practical resources that will help you put your business on a solid footing from the start and foster future growth.

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Angebote Übersicht Filter

Coaching & Programs

Take a look at our qualification measures and choose the support that best suits you in your current start-up phase.





Joint success is double success! So let us connect you with people at our networking events who will give you just the boost you need.


Why should you have to have all the experiences yourself? Benefit from the wealth of knowledge of other founders and the useful templates of the start-up consultations of our network institutions.