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The matchmaking event where people with ideas and people with skills come together to get off the ground as a startup team. Individual founders or founding teams and people interested in founding a company from different universities and research institutions come together to exchange ideas across disciplines, network, share ideas, think them through further together – and in the process grow together to form ideal founding teams.

Special Editions 2024

On March 28, we will host a special edition of Meet&Match with a focus on social entrepreneurship. So you have an idea that can contribute to positive change in society? Or would you like to support one? Then come and register for the event!

And it continues on June 11 with the AI.STARTUP.HUB Edition with a focus on ideas for artificial intelligence. Can your AI idea contribute to the common good or would you like to become part of an AI startup? Then this event is just right for you. Register now with binding effect!

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Field report

Don’t swipe, found!

Oliver and Lars were there for the first run of “Meet&Match” and report on their experiences in our news. 

“Just have a beer together”

Bored in lockdown, playing around with lasers and suddenly you’re faced with your own start-up idea? That’s roughly what happened to Johannes and Jan, the founders of the start-up VLOUW. Read their success story to find out how Meet&Match enabled them to expand their team.

“We wanted to be a balanced team.”

What do you do when you have an almost revolutionary idea but no one to bring it to market with you? Exactly, you sign up for Meet&Match! Just like Felix, Lars and Caro from iPolis.

“No real life at all”

“We want to build something that will last!”. With this dream, the two young founders Yolanda and Luca started their start-up ReDo. Find out how Meet&Match helped them in their success story.

A strong team is particularly important!

Get to know each other, match – and then still not found a company? At first glance, you might think that this sounds like the story of failed founders. However, Lars and Sepehr show the complete opposite.

Compact info

Target group:

  • Groups and/or individuals with startup idea
  • Individuals with desire/interest to found, but without concrete idea

This offer is primarily aimed at members of the affiliated institutions. We are also happy to allocate free places to other interested start-ups from the Hamburg metropolitan region or beyond.



3-4x a year


Individual process of several weeks per matchmaking round (depends on the respective get-to-know team)

Free of charge


Are you interested in “Meet&Match” and would like to meet your future founding team? In several phases, we accompany the teams that emerge from this process with advice and support right up to their founding. Registrations are possible at any time.

A kick-off event will be held at the beginning of each round. There you will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Potential founders will pitch their ideas. Afterwards, we get to know each other and sound out which idea might be interesting for which co-founder. Please indicate in the registration form which event you would like to attend.

At the moment, we are particularly looking for people who are interested in founding a company but do not have their own start-up idea, but who could well imagine supporting a start-up project with their skills. Other exciting start-up ideas are, of course, still welcome!


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Cecily Steckel

Program Manager “Meet&Match”
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