Female Entrepreneurship

Anyone can start a business! – that is our guiding principle in the “Startup-Port” association, which we carry into the world with our offers and contributions. However, some tendencies can still be identified in the startup scene today that point to unequal opportunities. For example, women are still significantly underrepresented as founders of startups and are correspondingly less perceived by the public.

The reasons for this imbalance are complex. On this page, you will therefore find offers that are explicitly aimed at women.

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Coaching & Programs

Take a look at our qualification measures and choose the support that best suits you in your current start-up phase.

One week is all about women* and founders who are interested in founding their own company! Save the date!
Relaxed networking and professional exchange over coffee and tea - explicitly for female founders.


Joint success is double success! So let us connect you with people at our networking events who will give you just the boost you need.

KnowHow & Best Practice

Why should you have to have all the experiences yourself? Benefit from the wealth of knowledge of other founders and the useful templates of the start-up consultations of our network institutions.