For ideas with added social value

When you start a startup, you face a lot of challenges. If your idea has a sustainable or social focus, it is sometimes an additional difficulty to develop a cost-covering business model out of it.

Our incubators offer you optimal support in this early phase after the start-up. They combine infrastructure and resources, important know-how and established networks. In this way, they integrate your young company into a friendly startup ecosystem from which it can profit and in which it can develop appropriately.

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Coaching & Programs

Take a look at our qualification measures and choose the support that best suits you in your current start-up phase.

When you think about founding a company, do you not only think about economic success, but also about social welfare? Our Impact Incubator helps you to increase the positive social impact of your start-up in the long term.

A program of the Körber Foundation

You are under 30 and have a concrete idea how you can make society better? You've already found fellow campaigners and now you want to get started? Then apply now for the Next Generation Incubator.


Joint success is double success! So let us connect you with people at our networking events who will give you just the boost you need.

KnowHow & Best Practice

Why should you have to have all the experiences yourself? Benefit from the wealth of knowledge of other founders and the useful templates of the start-up consultations of our network institutions.