Discover and take off

The Startup Port bundles the startup support activities of nine universities and research institutions in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

Our free services are aimed at students and researchers, young startups, but also established companies as well as startup consultancies.

The spectrum ranges from individual support in the start-up process by the start-up centers and consulting services of the universities, to intensive training and qualification programs, to optimal networking with all actors in the regional start-up cosmos, also across universities and outside the academic sector.

For us, the focus is always on the question of how start-ups can be planned and organized as purposefully and successfully as possible.

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Angebote Übersicht Filter

Coaching & Programs

Take a look at our qualification measures and choose the support that best suits you in your current start-up phase.


Joint success is double success! So let us connect you with people at our networking events who will give you just the boost you need.

KnowHow & Best Practice

Why should you have to have all the experiences yourself? Benefit from the wealth of knowledge of other founders and the useful templates of the start-up consultations of our network institutions.