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The online workshop series Gründungstoolbox is aimed at people from universities and research institutions in the Hamburg metropolitan region who are interested in starting a business, whether they have their own business idea or not. In the individual sessions, methods and tools are taught and applied together to give you helpful tools for your entrepreneurial journey. Although the content of the units builds on each other, it is also possible to participate in individual units.

The Toolbox Modules

How do I get ideas? How can I evaluate them? How do I develop my start-up idea? Are you thinking about founding a company, but don’t have an idea yet? Are you thinking about whether your thesis or dissertation is suitable for a start-up? In this workshop we will work with different creativity techniques so that you can develop your first ideas for a start-up.

You’ve been blessed with a business idea, but now you’re unsure whether it’s worth investing more time and effort in? In this webinar, we will discuss how you can holistically evaluate your idea at an early stage using the Business Model Road Test method to assess its chances of success. The focus is on three complementary perspectives: market, industry and team.

Are you interested in prototyping or have you already worked out your idea? Then now is the time for it to take shape and become tangible in order to receive valuable user feedback and uncover weaknesses you haven’t even thought of yet. In this online workshop you will learn about different forms and possibilities of prototyping and experience in a practical exercise how valuable the early implementation of your business idea can be in a concrete model.

You want to know how to sharpen a business idea and are looking for suitable tools to do so? In this online workshop we will introduce you to various canvas models. Afterwards you can try it out in a small group and get valuable peer feedback from the other workshop participants.

A market assessment and a competitive analysis are part of the standard content of every pitch deck and business plan. However, especially in the early start-up phase, the available market information is usually limited. In our workshop, you will learn how to create a simple but meaningful market assessment and a well-founded competitive analysis based on your target group definition.

Are you looking for more team members to implement your start-up idea or would you like to join an existing start-up? Or do you already have a great team? In this workshop we want to give you lots of tips and impulses on the topic of teams. Starting with the question of the right team composition to helpful tools to implement your idea as a team even better and to develop a common vision.

Your start-up idea is becoming more and more concrete. And you ask yourself, what price can and should I go to market with? What is the minimum price I need for my product or service? What different pricing strategies are there and what is suitable for me as a start-up? In this workshop, we want to approach all these questions and work out the basic building blocks for your calculation. Together we will discuss different pricing strategies.

Your personal business network has a direct impact on your business startup. It often determines how successful you are in building your team and attracting new customers as well as investors. It also gives you access to information and resources that would otherwise remain hidden from you. In this workshop you will learn methods and approaches and exchange ideas with like-minded people on how to successfully build and expand your business network. Preferably without having to be constantly active or feeling awkward when making contact. This workshop is therefore also aimed primarily at those who do not see themselves as “networkers” or “sales personalities”.

What is marketing? How can it contribute to actual sales? What are the most important things you need to know when developing your idea and starting your business? Who is your target audience and how do you choose your appropriate marketing tools? What is the difference between B2C and B2B customers? How can you measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities? What types of budgets are needed? In this English-language workshop, we will introduce different marketing techniques and tools that will help you develop your brand and make sales.

Are you passionate about making a real impact on human health and well-being? In this workshop, you will learn basic yet essential strategies, insights, and insider tips to launch your very own life science startup. You’ll get useful information on the commercialization process, securing intellectual property rights, and transfer between academia and industry. We also talk about legal frameworks and financing options.

You have ONE chance to convince your counterpart of your idea. In this toolbox session we deal with the supreme discipline of presentation training: pitching. The aim of a pitch is to inspire and convince your counterpart (e.g. investors, network partners or customers) in the shortest possible time. A good pitch immediately creates a “WOW” effect and succeeds with the right combination of storytelling, voice, rhetoric and body language. In this online workshop you will learn the basics and find out in practical exercises what a good pitch looks like.

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