Would you like to find out whether your product/business idea is right for us, or do you simply need more information about setting up a company?

Here you will find ways to finance your idea, as well as free training opportunities:

Together with our network, we offer various resources. So if you are looking for a workshop or laboratory or are looking for suitable experts, you can take a look around here:

Let`s go

Regardless of whether you already have a concrete start-up idea or simply feel the entrepreneurial spirit within you – we will support, coach and network you. The Startup Port bundles the support services of ten universities and research institutions in the Hamburg metropolitan region for you.


Who can take part?

Our services are aimed at students, graduates and researchers with an interest in founding a company, as well as young start-ups. We always focus on the question of how start-ups can be planned and organized in the most targeted and successful way possible.

Just drop by!

The Community Day on June 13 is a great opportunity to get to know the world of Startup Port, to make contact in an informal setting and to meet other people interested in founding a company!