Our attitude

As a university network, we see our contribution to strengthening diversity in the start-up ecosystem of the Hamburg metropolitan region in particular in tackling existing access barriers in a solution-oriented manner and making role models visible. Disadvantage thrives best where it is concealed or overlooked. With our offers, publications and official positioning, we would therefore like to take action against such blind spots in start-up support and offer access to all those who have a desire to start up.

We represent a broad understanding of diversity and do not limit our concern to the consideration of only one particular category. In our public relations work and program design, we pay attention to diversity-sensitive communication and deal not only with the significance of gender or so-called migration background in the context of founding, but also, for example, with the professional diversity among founders.

In our internal strategy, we have nevertheless decided to set a focus. The share of female founders in Germany remains low at 18% (source: German Startup Monitor 2021 – regional breakdown Hamburg). Even though we in Hamburg have been above the national average since last year and female founders make up 21% here (ibid.), this is a ratio that indicates an imbalance and signals an urgent need for action. Wherever women are underrepresented, their specific perspectives fall short and much potential is lost that could benefit everyone in the form of innovations and economic as well as overall societal developments.

reasons remains an individual decision, but must not be prevented by structural discrimination and stereotypical role models. For this reason, we are committed to strengthening female entrepreneurship and valuing social diversity with our work and networking power.

If you have any questions about the offers or if you wish to network in the field of female entrepreneurship and diversity, you can directly contact our colleague Rafael Jancen(rafael.jancen@haw-hamburg.de). Together we achieve more!