Toolbox: Ideation


15:00 - 17:00


Universität Hamburg | Transferagentur
Rothenbaumchaussee 19, 20148 Hamburg

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How do I develop a solid start-up idea? How do I get from the problem to the solution? How does challenge-based entrepreneurship work? How big should I think?

Do you want to work on start-up ideas, do you already have an idea or are you considering whether your thesis or research paper is suitable for a start-up? This workshop teaches you important basics and renowned ideation techniques that you can use to work on real ideas and highlights current tasks for idea development.

Are you interested in bringing along your start-up idea and working on it with others? Let us know – we would be delighted to receive a brief description of your idea and plan it in.

The Toolbox series

The start-up toolbox workshop series is aimed at people interested in starting a business, both with and without their own business idea, from the university environment in the Hamburg metropolitan region.


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Toolbox: Ideation
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Porträt von Sandra Luisa Moschner

Dr. Sandra-Luisa Moschner
Start-up Consultant
Hamburg Innovation GmbH


Universität Hamburg | Transferagentur
Rothenbaumchaussee 19, 20148 Hamburg


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