Toolbox: Successfull Networking


15:00 - 17:00



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Your personal business network has a direct impact on your entrepreneurial journey. It often determines how successful you are in building your team, acquiring new customers, and attracting investors. Furthermore, it grants you access to information and resources that would otherwise remain hidden from you.

In this workshop, you will learn methods and approaches and engage with like-minded individuals on how to effectively establish and expand your business network Preferably, this is done without having to be constantly active or feeling awkward when approaching contacts. Therefore, this workshop is primarily designed for those who don’t see themselves as “networkers” or “sales personalities.”

The deadline for registration of the online workshop is the 20ths of August. The event language is English.

The Toolbox

The online workshop series is aimed at people from universities and research institutions in the Hamburg metropolitan region who are interested in setting up a business, whether they have their own business idea or not. In the individual sessions, methods and tools are taught and applied together to give you helpful tools for your entrepreneurial journey. Although the content of the units builds on each other, it is also possible to participate in individual units.


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