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Positive Impact

Unlocking the Power of Impact with INTIE: Balancing Profit and Purpose

More and more people are motivated to harness the power of commerce for a greater good. Impact startups are one way by which students and researchers can make use of both, their entrepreneurial spirit and their social responsibility. At INTIE, we believe that the future belongs to startups that prioritize impact and sustainability while embracing self-sustaining business models.

The core principles of impact start-ups

Impact startups are distinguished by two fundamental principles:

  1. Measurable positive impact: A key hallmark of an impact startup is its unwavering commitment to creating a measurable positive impact on society or the environment.
  2. Profit reinvestment: Impact startups reinvest their earnings to further amplify their impact, rather than solely maximizing the owners’ personal profit.
Balancing economic, societal and economic impact

An impact startup operates with a dual framework: a business model and an impact model. In the INTIE program, students will learn how to validate, measure and optimize the commercial AND their social and environmental effect of a business model. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a guiding compass.

Aiming for scaling

At INTIE, we emphasize on scalable business models. A business that can grow has the potential to reach and benefit a broader audience, thus amplifying its positive influence on society and the environment.

Navigating alternative financing routes

Traditional venture capital firms might not always align with the unique financing needs of impact startups. INTIE’s mission is to equip participants with the knowledge to explore alternative funding opportunities that match the needs of impact startups.

Inclusion and value creation

Impact goes beyond just the products or services offered. Inclusivity, accessibility, and the value creation process itself can also be harnessed to generate a positive impact. At INTIE, we encourage startups to explore these facets to maximize their influence on society and the environment.

Impact awareness

Even the INTIE students who decide to pursue business ideas that are not primarily aiming for creating societal and ecological benefit, it is still essential to demonstrate its impact. Through the INTIE program, we aim to equip the participants with the tools and knowledge they need to communicate their impact effectively and navigate the evolving landscape of business with purpose.

Join INTIE as we work to create a future where startups seamlessly connect profit and purpose to bring positive change to our world.