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Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of hosting an unforgettable event at Spice VR Lab and it was simply fantastic!
A big thank you goes to Rouven Seifert and Nicolas Chibac for their outstanding support and for making this event possible. And let’s not forget the incredible fun we had from the INTIE programme at Spice VR – the energy and enthusiasm was truly infectious!

The evening was full of innovation and learning opportunities and marked the perfect end to an exciting first term. But you know what? We’re already gearing up for next term and looking forward to the kick-off!
For those who couldn’t be there, here’s a quick recap of what you missed: 

An exciting VR journey through Namibia to start the evening and an up-close experience with cutting-edge VR technology – An interactive survey in collaboration with the University of Hamburg, contributing to important research in VR and entrepreneurship – A captivating talk by Nicolas, the CEO of Spherie GmbH & SpiceVR, where we were able to experience the latest VR trends as well as his start-up journey But the highlights also included the subsequent opportunities to explore the VRHQ and try out the games.
Many thanks to everyone who took part and contributed to the success of the event.

Last wednesday it was time for the final pitches of the first INTIE semester. The aim was to discover opportunity fields that would be interesting for an impact start-up based on trend and market research.
The teams presented their ideas, which covered many areas from personalised food platforms to sustainable medical devices and sustainable fashion and got valuable feedback from our practice partners, the professors and alumni. Thank you Körber Start-Hub for hosting the event! We are totally looking forward to the second semester!

We don’t have the solution (yet), but at the INTIE session we had the opportunity to take part in a workshop on “Design Thinking” held by Patricia Brauer and Alexander Böhning from the Otto Group at the @AGILE CENTER and learn about new approaches to get a little closer to the solution. The participants had worked out social challenges and associated problems in small groups in advance, which were then addressed in the workshop using the design thinking method. The workshop was incredibly inspiring and showed us how we can solve complex problems with creative thinking and empathy. We are excited about how design thinking can help us make the world a better place.

Orbit – (Orbit work closely with their partners, utilising resources to scale proven business models. The start-ups they build generate sustainable growth). During our visit to Orbit, we received fascinating insights from Timo Möller-Gomez and Nono Weinzierl, who have been supporting INTIE since the beginning. They shared their insights on how they build ventures with established companies – a topic we were particularly interested in. We were given clear insights into their process, from idea generation to founding start-ups in collaboration with corporations. The key message was that early failure is the path to long-term success. In this way, you not only save time and effort, but also make a targeted investment in sustainable success.

We would like to thank Timo Möller-Gomez and Nono Weinzierl for their commitment!